Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What's New

Well, A lot of things have been happening so I haven't been able to blog much. So here I am to get everyone up to date. I have been working on my second CD of Original Serious Music, which will be called "Back Again" after the title track. I have added some clips to YouTube of some of my new comedy bits that have been requested by many of you. I have been working on a new place to record a new DVD of my comedy show and I just had my first book released called "Brand Spankin' New Limericks". I co-wrote it with a good friend of mine, Rob Church, and we had a ball working on it. We also have started writing a sequel to it just in case the first one sells well and the publisher asks for it. It is cuurently only available online at, and my own online store on my website but it will be in all of the stores very shortly. I am assuming that will be in a week or two from the date of this blog.
So, as you can see, I have been a very busy boy these days and that's not even counting my personal family life, in which one must have balance to remain happy and keep the loved ones around them happy.
Also, people have been asking me about my MYSPACE page and all I can say is that I hardly go to it and haven't had the time to learn about it much so far. I have it up just to have another presence on the web for people to find me. I update my own website continually and really enjoy doing things on there instead at You will also notice that I have some new technology on there now too. When you go to my website, I will appear on it and talk to you and each time you go to it, there will be different messages. I did about 8 different ones that are spread out all over my pages. I would very much like to thank Rob Perna of CameoHD for doing this for me. He is a very dear friend, great producer and director that I have had a long business relationship with. He was the Producer/Director of the comedy show "Rascal's Comedy Hour" from the 80's and 90's that I was the Musical Director, Writer and Performer for. I miss that show immensely. We had so much fun doing those shows during the comedy heydays. Plus being a headliner myself, I don't get to see other headliners unless we are doing a benefit or I go out to see their show on one of my off nights. On Rascal's Comedy Hour, being one of the principals of the show, I was able to see everyone that came through town to do the show. What a blast we used to have in the green room before and after those shows. What a great era.
I will be writing more blogs very soon so keep watching. I have so many more things to say and write about. Stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading from, THE COMEDY TORNADO!!

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Liz Adair said...

Hello, Paul!
You left a comment on my limerick posting--and I checked out your web site. Very impressive! Congratulations on your new book--the limericks.

I have a new book out, too. Here's a link to my blog page that tells about it:

All best--
Liz Adair

Anonymous said...

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